Q: How soon can I get in?
A: Call, text or email me. I’m often booked a couple weeks out, but sometimes I have openings as early as the next day.

Q: What is a “look”?
A: A look generally refers to a change of wardrobe. Layering wardrobe or adding accessories usually would not be considered changing a look. A significant change in hair and/or makeup might also constitute a change in looks. Feel free to message me with specific questions regarding this.

Q: Do I need makeup?
A: For women, typically yes. Most of my clients start with their most basic, natural look, and build up their makeup as the shoot progresses. Many of my clients do their own makeup. If you’re planning on doing a more “glam”, evening elegant-type look, you might consider hiring a professional to join you for the shoot. I have several I can suggest for you.
For men, typically no. However, again, if you have a look in mind that’s more “glam” or model-like, you might consider hiring someone. Many of my male clients often sweat a lot (most of my lights are not hot) and bring powder or blotting paper.

Q: Can I bring my own makeup and hair person?
A: If you have someone you like to work with, please do! Bring them along.  If they have any questions regarding space, lighting, etc, feel free to put them in contact with me.

Q: What does “retouching” mean?
A: Retouching refers to the editing phase after your shoot. It’s where I remove blemishes, hair fly-aways, etc. Many photographers use this opportunity to airbrush images, making them resemble magazine covers. My experience in the industry tells me to minimize retouching. My job is to make sure you look like the best “you*”. This goal extends from the start of the shoot until I deliver your retouched photos.
* These rules typically exist more in the on-screen entertainment business. For business professional or models seeking portraits or headshots, more or less retouching, including airbrushing, is optional.
Additional photo editing, including, but not limited to, adding/removing hair, body morphing, logo adding/removal, etc, is available for an extra charge (subject to amount of editing needed).

Q: What if I want additional retouches (beyond what is included in my package)?
A: Additional retouches are available for $25 per photo.

Q: Do you print my headshots for me?
A: Most photographers, including myself, are not print-houses and don’t print photos. I’m happy to refer you to my favorites, however.

Q: Do you shoot indoors or outdoors?
A: With most of my clients, I shoot both outdoors as well as my indoor studio. If you prefer one over the other, let me know!

Q: Do you photograph children?
A: I photograph children ages 4 and up. If your child is in need of headshots and is less than 3, I recommend using a family portrait company or a headshot photographer that specializes in children.

Q: Can I look at my photos while we’re shooting?
A: Of course. Just ask. I typically want to make sure you’re getting what you came for, especially if you have a specific look and feel in mind.

Q: Do I get to keep all of the photos from the shoot?
A: Unlike many photographers, I will deliver all of your photos in JPEG format after our shoot. These are yours to keep.

Q: I’ve shot with you before, but I’ve lost my photos. Can I get them again?
A: Please reach out to me. I typically store all photos from my sessions for a minimum of two years.