Headshot Philosophy

When you shoot with me, you’re going to leave with shots that scream “truth” and “character”. There’s a lot of headshots floating around Hollywood that portray actors beautifully. The perfect stare. The flawless smile. The unspoiled eyes. Chances are, THAT’S NOT YOU! And nothing peeves agents and casting directors as much as when an actor steps into the room looking nothing like the shot they’ve received. Yes, some actors are Prince Charming or the Snow White type – and we will achieve that look. But the following holds true for them as well: the main goal of an actor’s headshot is to show what they really look like. We will find and photograph the very best YOU.

What I strive to add to that is character. Agents, managers, and casting directors will look at your shots and see that detective they’re looking for. They’ll find that doctor they’ve always dreamed about. They’ll discover that new face, leading lady that’s been eluding them. When you shoot with me, we’ll tackle creating a character for you within your shot – achieving that “it” factor that will set you apart.